• Gurugram, India


  1. Front and Back Chamfer Tools : (SNAP Tool)
    Front and Back chamfering of Bore edges in one operation. Manually exchangeable carbide blade with material specific coating. The compact design ensures easy handling and high process reliability. Can be used for diameters of 2.0 mm and larger.
  1. Front and Back Deburring : (COFA Tool)
    Specifically designed for Front and Back Deburring on even and uneven bore edges using CNC machinery. Internal diameter and outer diameter can be deburring.
    Typical applications include forks, yokes, common rails, castings, tubes with cross bores and other work pieces with cross bores in main bores.
  1. Front and Back Countersinking and spot facing : (SOLO Tool)
    The strongest and most efficient automatic front and back spotfacing / counterboring tool on the market. No anti-rotation or stop block are required. Suitable for all CNC, transfer, dial and multi spidle machines.
    Pin driven cutting blade prevents chips from jamming the system.

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