• Gurugram, India

Holding Systems and Boring Solutions

  1. Collet Chucks
    1. Mega Chuck : MEGA Chuck Holders to cover all high speed ultra precision Machining applications
    2. MEGA NBC Chuck : MEGA NBC chuck High speed design offered in six different size collet series; utilizes ultra precision.
    3. ER Collets : Big Daishowa’s ER grip can provide repeatable performance by assembling the precision ER Collets with its chuck body and clamping nut.
  1. Hydraulic Chucks : Big Daishowa’s Hydraulic chuck can provide high precision with runout accuracy under 3 micron upto 4d. The finishing surface and the life of tool are improved by the high runout accuracy.
  1. Milling Chucks : Big Daishowa’s new Hi-power milling chuck combines the high accuracy with high torque capability and rigidity.
  • Fine Boring
  • Rough Boring
  • Boring Solution (Dia 1mm to 800mm)

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